Fireman’s suit US-07 / U

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Fireman’s suit US-07 / U

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Two piece fireman’s suit US-07 / U

The clothing US-07/U  protects against mechanical and surface factors, chemicals, weather conditions, water, as well as heat and flame. The garment consists of a 3/4 length jacket and trousers made of a navy blue or sand outer fabric, a waterproof fabric (membrane), a lining, and a thermal insulation layer.

Description of cloths:

-Main fabric -98% aramid fiber, 2% antistatic fiber.

-Membrane – 50% metaaramid, 25% paraaramid, 25% PTFE.

-Lining – 100% Cotton.

-Thermal insulation layer – felt containing 100% aramid fibers .

-The main zipper of the jacket is anti-panic.


Protection level 2.

-Trouser suspenders have smooth length adjustment.

-Additional reinforcements on the knees made of Kevlar fabric coated with black silicone.